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After months of hard work, I am so proud to be able to share the release of my new EP, Natural Distractions, with the world!


Writing and recording this album, with help from my friend, mentor, and producer, Ben Mathews, was a journey full of exploration and personal growth. I am so grateful for the people who helped make this possible, including Indy legends Kevin Anker, Brian Yarde, and Matthew McConahay

With musical influences ranging from Madison Cunningham to Jimi Hendrix, we have focused on creating a unique experience inspired my love of music. I have poured my heart into this project and I cannot wait for you to hear it. Let the music take you away and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and love you all have shown me over the years.



Release Date: June 2023

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Sadie is a multi-instrumentalist with the ability to play a wide range of genres, from folk to funk and beyond. She takes pride in her ability to bring people together through music, creating an atmosphere of peace, love, and understanding. Come experience the power of Sadie Johnson and The Sadie Johnson Band.

For over a decade, Sadie Johnson has been entertaining music-lovers with her unique style and sound. From her one-woman acoustic show to her full band performances, Sadie's combination of soulful vocals, percussive guitar, and upbeat energy have never failed to captivate her audiences.

Sadie is an experienced and passionate musician with an impressive repertoire. If you're looking to add a special touch to your event or festival, you can book Sadie for an unforgettable performance. We are currently booking for 2023, so let us know if you would like to see her join your line-up or play at a venue you know.

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