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The Journey to My First Album: Natural Distraction, A Rollercoaster of Creativity

Sadie in the studio in Indianapolis recording Natural Distractions.
Sadie in the studio recording Natural Distractions 2023

Have you ever set out on a creative journey that tested your resolve, challenged your skills, and pushed you to your limits? I recently embarked on such a journey, and today, I'm excited to share the story of how I completed my very first album. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with highs and lows, but it was a journey worth taking.

The Genesis of the Project:

It all began with an idea, a spark of inspiration. I knew I wanted to create something that was uniquely mine, and music was the perfect medium to express myself. I started by writing the songs that would eventually find their way onto my album. Each lyric, melody, and chord progression was a labor of love, and it was the first step on a long and winding road.

Raising the Funds:

Creating an album isn't just about artistic vision; it also requires resources. To turn my dream into reality, I had to navigate the world of fundraising. Whether it was through crowdfunding, personal savings, or seeking support from friends and family, I learned the value of financial planning and budgeting in the creative process.

Embracing Mistakes:

One thing I learned early on in this journey is that making mistakes is an essential part of the creative process. I stumbled, took detours, and had moments of self-doubt. However, instead of dwelling on these setbacks, I chose to embrace them as opportunities for growth. Each mistake was a stepping stone to improvement.

Following Through:

Despite the challenges, I resolved to keep going. When the going got tough, I relied on my determination and passion to stay the course. The belief in my music and my vision became my guiding light.

Course Correction:

Flexibility is another key lesson I learned. Sometimes, despite meticulous planning, things don't go as expected. It's essential to be adaptable and willing to course correct when necessary. Adjusting my strategy and staying open to new ideas and possibilities was incredibly difficult, but it allowed me to overcome obstacles.

Bit the Bullet and Hit Submit:

The day finally arrived when everything was ready – the songs were recorded, the album was mixed and mastered, and the artwork was complete. All that was left was to release my work to the world. It was nerve-wracking, but I took a deep breath, bit the bullet, and hit submit. It was a moment of vulnerability, but it was also a moment of triumph.

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